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Interview: Music Illuminati Club Records

Earlier this week I was able to interview one of my previous guest, Alex from Neon Network. Few weeks after I done the interview with him he gave me notice that the record label has gone global! I was able to catch up with the man himself to ask him a few questions!

3.47: So the new music has just been launched! How you feeling?
MICR: I’m feeling very optimistic for the future! We’re getting loads of new talent signed quickly and receiving lots of positive feedback.

3.47: How many artist do you have signed right now?
MICR: 11 people have been signed in under 3 days, and our team is working round the clock to find new producers to sign and distribute their music

3.47: Wow! 3 days old and already making this much noise?! Damn you must be over the moon!
MICR: We are! 64 likes on our soundcloud in 3 days and 58 likes on facebook in just this much time is really incredible. None of us expected it to kick off this quickly, although I have to say that Delton, who is our Social Media manager, has done an exceptional job at getting M.I.C Records out there!

3.47: So how many members of the team are there right now?
MICR: Right now, there are four of us, and all of us in M.I.C are EDM producers and really know what to look for in a good artist to sign.

3.47: Which is good because this way you know what kinda vibe or feel for each of them!
MICR: Yep! Our team comprises of a Drum N Bass producer, dubstep producer, house producer and an all-rounder so we cover a wide range of music.

3.47: Sounds like you got all the bases covered! Have you guys started celebrating already?
MICR: No celebrating to be done yet, we are way too busy haha! We’ve got a long, long way to go before we can break out the party 😉

3.47: Hey I need to know before I buy my new suit lol! So when can we expect the first release?
MICR: We’ve already released nine tracks over a period of less than a week! We’re aiming for one or even two releases every day

3.47: Are they both on beatport and iTunes?
MICR: Currently not, we are still too small to be recognised as “worthy” for large websites like that. Once we hit 100 likes and followers on facebook and soundcloud we will re-apply and hopefully start to distribute our artist’s music to an even wider audience! Currently we release on YouTube, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud, however we are always expanding our online presence and will probably become parts of other websites and social media to further our boundaries.

3.47: Sounds good and if anyone does want to get signed up with the label what’s the best way to get in contact?
MICR: Email us at musicilluminaticlubrecords@gmail.com You WILL be replied to, even if you are declined, and you can re-apply as many times as you want. We are here to help you grow as an artist and if we feel you don’t have what it takes, we will help you get to that point where we feel you can progress further as a producer.

3.47: That’s good to know you’re state to you will help them out!
MICR: (Laughs), it’s a pleasure to help any artist that needs it!

3.47: Okay well I gotta congrats on getting the label off the ground and yeah I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I can’t wait to hear what you got coming out!
MICR: Thanks! We are pleased to finally be getting the label up and running, and we’d like to thank everyone that helped us get to this point!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Music Illuminati Club Records for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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