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Interview: Tut Tut Child

My guest today is none other Tut Tut Child from the Monstercat family! He’s hits included Drop that child with Droptek, run the show and recently release his new track, Drink up (video above). Tut tut child was kind enough to answer my questions!

3.47: How did the name come about?
Tut Tut child: The name “Tut Tut Child” is a quote from one of my favourite books “Alice In Wonderland”. It just seemed to sound good as a name and I stuck with it.

3.47: How long have you been making music for?
TTC: I’ve been making music since I was 13, when I was first given a guitar Christmas. Since then music has been a huge part of my life. I din’t start doing music production until after I had left University, so I guess I have been making electronic music for the past 4 years.

3.47: Was this something you always wanted to do?
TTC: Originally I wanted to either be a guitarist in a band or work as a session musician. It wasn’t until I started making music on a computer that I started to get interested in becoming a music producer.

3.47: Are you surprised at how big you become?
TTC: I don’t really consider myself very “big” yet, but I am still very surprised at the amount of people who have been listening to my music. It is a wonderful feeling know you’re music is out there being enjoyed by others.

3.47: What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
TTC: It was overwhelming. It really started to feel real when I had my first track released on Monstercat. As soon as it went up on their YouTube channel I was getting messages and comments from everywhere. Everyday I still am surprised by the amount of kind words I am sent. It is very humbling.

3.47: Are you playing live events or is that something you want to do?
TTC: I am doing live events, and I love doing them. I recently became part of a new booking agency so expect to see me doing more events in the future.

3.47: You worked with quite a lot of artists, who would you like to work with next?
TTC: When it comes to working with other producers I prefer to actually be in the same room with them rather than communicating online. That’s why the collaboration with Droptek worked so well because we were both living in London. I am definitely open to doing more collaborations but I haven’t really thought about it much recently.

3.47: Would you say making your tracks is easier than a remix or just as hard?
TTC: It varies so much from track to track. Sometimes a remix can be easier because you already have material that you can play off and experiment with where as when you start an original you have no nothing to begin with and build it up from scratch.

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
TTC: That’s a really hard question. I’m still loving all of the “English Rain” album by Gabrielle Aplin. I’ve also been re-listening to the “Yoshu Fukushu” album by Maximum The Hormone, which I love. My favourite track off of that is probably “A.L.I.E.N”.

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
TTC: You have more control over your music when you are independent or working with an independent label. Big labels can open doors that you otherwise wouldn’t though so there are pros and cons to both.

3.47: How did it all come about being part of the Monstercat Family?
TTC: Going Quantum had heard some of my music that had been posted on Dubstep.net and he sent me a message asking to hear some more music.

3.47: Your last track was called Drink Up, and it sounded like you was going in for a heavy night. How much did you drink?
TTC: (Laughs) that song really makes me sound like an alcoholic. The voice in that track is taken from the original “Little Shop Of Horrors” film. I definitely did have quite a few drinks to celebrate the day it was released though.

3.47: What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
TTC: My parents have always taught me to pursue what I enjoy, so I did and it’s working out pretty well so far.

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
TTC: I can solve a rubiks cube in about 40 seconds, I guess that’s a talent.

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
TTC: I have had a few ideas in my head, but I don’t want to say them yet in case I have want it to become a reality and someone has taken the name (laughs).

3.47: Apart from making music, what else do you do in your spare time?
TTC: I watch a lot of films, I go to the cinema pretty much every week and sometimes more.

3.47: Given the chance to run YouTube what would you change about the site?
TTC: Probably just get rid of the adds, they still annoy me, but I guess that’s how they make money so they need to be there.

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
TTC: A new EP is on the way which I am very excited about. Definitely my most varied work so far.

3.47: Final question, anything you want to say to your fans out there?
TTC: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Tut Tut Child for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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