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Interview: Mykool

My guest today is none other than Mykool! His hits including the bootleg version of Sub Focus – Turn Back Time feat Forma (Video above) and other tracks such as Memories, Monster and Glint of light to name but a few! Mykool was kind enough to give up some free time for the interview!

3.47: How did the name come about?
Mykool: It all started as an online name when I used to play Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. I’m not very good at choosing names so I kept thinking of one that would resemble my own. As my real name is Michael, Mykool is the name that stuck. I’ve been told it’s a pretty smart name so I was quite happy with my choice! I shorten it to MYK for my Logo because it looks better than having the full name. I’m aware it sometimes causes confusion between the names but I feel I’m doing okay how it is.

3.47: Will you be keeping to MYK fully now?
Mykool: It’s really just my Logo that has been shortened, I reckon Mykool will be kept since it’s more unique! Logo’s may change back to Mykool when I start getting more exposure, but who knows!

3.47: Okay fair dues! How long have you been making music for?
Mykool: I’ve hit just over 2 years now! My family thought it would just be a phase but they seem to be very surprised I’ve kept it going on for this long! As long as I’m having fun with it I’ll always keep it up!

3.47: Yeah I mean definitely man! I heard a few of your tracks and I could feel the emotion which is really awesome!
Mykool: If I had to choose one of my own, I would say my Bootleg Remix of ‘Turn Back Time’ by Sub Focus. I reckon it’s because I hardly make any House music a lot of the time but keep upping the quality of my music every track, learning new techniques etc, so when I make a new House track it sounds totally different to the previous one made probably 5 months ago! If you meant a track another Artist has made, Sub Focus vs Fred V & Grafix’s Remix of ‘Endorphins’ has to be my No.1 favourite track. It has so much energy in it, just makes you want to do something! I actually started running because of that track! Listening to it right now…

3.47: Yeah turn back time was the first track I heard of yours and I was like wow who was that?! And yeah I couldn’t find it! When I heard memories today I was like it’s the same guy?! Damn! People play tracks around me and never tell me who it is! I had to search on your soundcloud to find it! Glad I did either way! What was your reaction like seeing the feedback coming in?
Mykool: Thanks! You must have heard it on Arctic Empire then? He uploaded Memoirs today. Loving the support! I love to share my music with others, I wish it to get around so more and more people can hear it. When someone takes the time to comment it makes me feel really happy as they’re actually leaving there compliments or constructive criticism on the track to support and help me. I love seeing new comments on my material, a lot of the time I actually look for new comments on promoters who upload my work! (Bit sad, ey) What makes it even better is that a lot of people actually purchase music from my Bandcamp even though I give them the option to download it for free. I have an insane amount of respect for those who email me saying “Keep it up” and “Love your stuff”. Love to all of you out there, including you 3.47! Never had anyone want to interview me before!

3.47: God help us …. You building tears in my eyes man! As I said to eXcess, I will support REAL music so yeah you will see me putting money towards your music because we need that! And you know bruv cos your from London I’ll buy you a drink if we ever link up! To me it’s my way of showing respect to someone who worked hard on a track.
Mykool: (laughs) yes! I am from London, we definitely should some time. I’m sure many artists, including me, are grateful to you for what you do.

3.47: No doubts! In the future are you hoping to play live shows?
Mykool: I would like to first get some of my tracks played in clubs, I know a few people who has played them in their house parties or used them in a mix and other stuff like that, but as a person I don’t know much about DJing so I’m not too confident in booking any clubs and mixing on the spot, though I would like to learn! I have a couple friends who are really into that and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to use some of my material in their mixes.

3.47: You ever try DJ Hero?
Mykool: I actually haven’t, though back then when it came out it didn’t interest me as much as it does now! Is it a fun game?

3.47: It’s pretty cool! I like it! Who would you like to work with?
Mykool: Might have to give it a try some time! I’ve always been a fan of Feint, he was my inspiration to start making music. I incorporated a lot of his old style into my tunes which can be heard by some. His new style however still impresses me, so I would definitely take up the chance to collaborate with him. Recently Mediks have caught my attention with their Drumstep music. The energy they injected into all their tracks of their Cannbals EP Part: I is amazing. They are another group I’d like to work with! CMA mentioned ages ago that we should work together on something but we never chased up the idea, though the possibility is still there so it could still happen.

3.47: Whaaaaa you and CMA?! Damn man! Hope it happens in the future! Would you say it’s easier to do a remix or harder than making your own track?
Mykool: Yeah I would like to catch up on the offer to work together, he’s been making a DnB track recently which means he’s more open to making something in that Genre. I’d say both are quite tricky, though remixing someone else’s track assists as a guideline for the production process. I like to remix other songs because I can’t find vocals to use that are of good quality. That, and that I’ve been pretty dry for idea’s right now (laughs)! Official mixes offer these which can make the first process of creating the track much quicker, because for me, I can get into it a lot more and have all these idea’s shooting around in my head. Original tracks can be like this, but for me I’ve been struggling, working with others helps to bypass this mental block. Original tracks do show your creativity more than the Remix’s but both are great in my eyes (or ears?).

3.47: No doubts and your bootlegs are awesome so I hope to hear more of them! What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
Mykool: Do you mean working by yourself rather than collaborating? I’d say when you work by yourself and create an original track it’s solid proof what you made is your own. If it’s promoted the praise would be about your track, and you should gain a larger following. It’s great because it shows off your creativity, but like what is happening to me, I can’t get a lot of idea’s when trying to create or continue a track, so that’s the downside. When working with others, it’s very fun, you have more idea’s coming in, you can both decide what stays and what goes, it can take a while but the end result is usually great. You also gain someone that you can collaborate with even more as you know each others styles, so there isn’t the hesitation of asking someone else if you can collaborate with them. For me, this would be Forma, we’ve worked on a lot of tracks together, he’s known me for a year and a half now, so we both have progressed in Music Production. I’d say the only downsides to working with other people is that you don’t get full recognition, which I don’t see as much as a downside. It’s like scoring a goal or lining it up for someone else. You both share the compliments.

3.47: That’s a deep way of looking at it! What can we expect from you in the future?
Mykool: Most likely a lot more Drum and Bass! I am hoping to release some more House tunes, though. Me and Forma did have a Big Room House in the works, we’ve postponed the production on that but I hope we get round to it soon. I’ve taken on a Pendulum style to one of my tracks (it might stay, love the style) which I would like to release as soon as I can, I just need to find some fitting vocals to go with it. Other than that, a possible collaboration with CMA and a lot more joint work with Forma! Haven’t worked on anything big since I got my monitors, so now would be a great time to see what they can do!

3.47: I can’t hear to wait it! Final question! What would you like to say to your fans?
Mykool: Thank you all so much for supporting me, I appreciate every follower I get, it shows my music is getting around! I respect all of you and hope to bring out new material for you guys to hear!

3.47 would like to than Mykool for taking the time out to doing this interview! Till next time guys!

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