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Interview: Mokoa

My guest today is none other than Mokoa! His work on hits such as Firecloud and Majestik with Kaïserkill on both tracks. His latest track Sitting next to you is causing a stir on YouTube channels. Mokoa gave up some free time to do this interview with me!

3.47: How long have you guys been making music for?
Mokoa: Okay so I’ve been making for about 2 years, first it was just a simple hobby, and about half a year ago things got more serious and it became my main passion!

3.47: Okay so it wasn’t something you always wanted to do then! Back then what did you want to do as a career?
Mokoa: No not at all, I discovered music by chance! Career wise I was seeing myself as an engineer, It hasn’t really changed in fact I’m still thinking about this but specialized in sound and music, like sound engineer for example! Now that music has found me 🙂

3.47: How is that going for you so far? I mean I gotta say your track Sitting next to you felt magically!
Mokoa: Well thank you so much, it’s much appreciated for an artist to have good feedback, I’m glad you liked it! So far it’s going well, my SoundCloud is pretty active, I try to release tracks as often as possible, YouTube channels have promoted some of my music and I have awesome followers that show great support and give great feedback! I’m trying to bring more and more everyday and there is a lot more coming!

3.47: Are you taken back by how big your fan base has become? I mean I gotta be honest I heard it and I felt like I was drifting away into some story!
Mokoa: (Laughs) thank you I didn’t know the track had that much power! Well yes I’m pretty surprised, you know the world of music is full of producers and especially good producers so it is difficult for your music to be heard and recognize in a way. Moreover when you are beginning it’s hard to create a fan base out of almost nothing except a single track! So I’m surprised yes but I’m especially grateful to those how support me!

3.47: I know you said you want to be sound engineer but is it possible we could be seeing you play live in your home town some day?
Mokoa: I wish ! I mean being able to play live is a dream for me but I must see wider and becoming a sound engineer is easier than becoming a live performer. But I’m gonna work hard to be able to play live one day, I’m already playing in parties for friends and others but playing for more people would be a dream coming true!

3.47: Never be scared to dream and follow it through is what I say! Are you trying your hand at remixing any songs in your spare time?
Mokoa: What a motto! That is the right way of thinking! Actually yes, I’ve entered few remix competitions on Beatport! I also love to remix songs I love, giving a whole new sound to an original track is always a fun process! I’m planning on doing more remixes in the future!

3.47: It’s just so true to life though, we dream about things and sometimes we have these things that block are path and you know we let it stop us! Saying that I should really get back to writing lyrics again but yeah that’s another story! Would you say it’s easier doing a remix or just as hard as making a original track?
Mokoa: (Laughs) I can clearly see the writing of a song writer here! Wish I could hear your story! You’re totally right, we should live our dreams and don’t pay attention at what holds us! I mean it really depends, sometimes it’s easier than making an original track because you start with an idea in mind and the bases of the song help you through your remix process and sometimes it’s harder because the bases of the song block you in your creativity and the remix is therefore hard to finish and even to start!

3.47: I think that’s one of the main challenges with remixes because like you said you are limited! But given the chance what track would you love to remix?
Mokoa: That’s exactly it! I would definitely love to remix one of Jaymes’s songs because he his an amazing singer song writer with an amazing voice ! Benjamin Franklin Leftwich also would be cool!

3.47: Wow now that’s a nice choice! You know man might have to hold out to hear you do it! What else do you do in your spare time?
Mokoa: (Laughs) I’ll definitely try to remix one of their songs ! During my free time, when I’m not making music which is quite unusual, I just love to see friends, hang out with them. I’m also an extreme sports lover!

3.47: You ever felt tempted to try any of them? I mean I gotta say the some of the stuff they do, it should be relabelled Insane tricks!
Mokoa: I actually practice FreeRunning when I have time, coming from a gymnastics background it helped me a lot! But I’d like to tempt Base Jumping! Seems fun!

3.47: Yeah why not! It’s better to try than keep thinking I wish I did this and that! Who out on the music scene would you love to work with?
Mokoa: Yes exactly, life is to short for that, we all need to live our lives to the fullest! It depends on what genre, actually I think I’d love to collaborate with a Melodic Dubstep or Chillstep artist, but I can’t say who, there are too many amazing artists out there with which I’d love to work with!

3.47: Don’t worry man I’m sure after this interview, the floodgate will open up! What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Mokoa: I hope man ! At the moment one of my favorite songs would be Astronaut – Rain (Michael St Laurent Remix)

3.47: I’m not gonna lie that is a heavy hitter! Any others you feeling right now?
Mokoa: I’m loving the remix of Wonder by Louis The Child originally by Adventure Club, and also the remix of Cut you teeth by Kygo originally by Kyla La Grange

3.47: Good choice! What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent as a solo artist?
Mokoa: Well, being independent provides you freedom of course which is one of the main advantages, but producing on your own can sometimes be a little bit boring, I mean not boring but producing as a duo is a lot of fun and your creativity merges, making an awesome result!

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it??
Mokoa: Have to think about that (laughs) ! Right now I’d say A&C Records for Ambient and Chill music, because it would be focused and that genre I think!

3.47: Final question! Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Mokoa: I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone for the support, because without all of you all this wouldn’t be possible ! I’m so grateful ! And there is a lot more coming so stay tuned!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Mokoa for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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