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Interview: Seven

My guest today is a new up and coming artist called Seven! His created hits such as Human Effigy, Astral and Depths (video above!) Seven was kind enough to give up some free time to do this interview!

3.47: How did the name come about?
Seven: I felt like the greatest year of my childhood was when I was seven years old. I had lots of things going for me during that age, I was on honour-roll in the school I was attending, I had lots of friends and stuff, I was playing multiple sports, I was pretty well-known throughout school. I just really enjoyed that age. The name seven also comes from one of my inspirations, Seven Lions. I love his music, he’s one of the people I aspire to be.

3.47: I looked at your logo and noticed the 3 sevens in it! Pretty neat style I like it!
Seven: Thanks (Laughs), I made it myself. I like using triangles, and so do many people, so I thought I’d make it a bit more unique by doing that.

3.47: How long have you been making music for?
Seven: I’ve really haven’t been making music that long. April 27th will mark my third year of making music.

3.47: Was this something you always wanted to do?
Seven: Making music, for me, was just something that happened randomly. During my 6th grade year in school, I hadn’t known what the term “dubstep” was, yet everyone was saying they were listening to it. I never decided to look it up until I was in 8th grade, that’s when I truly discovered what electronic music was. I just started exploring the whole scene, and it looked like something I could get in to.

3.47:What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
Seven: Whenever I get any feedback, I tend to shake in anxiety about what my next song will sound like. Another feeling I get is the one where you’ve done a good job and you know it. I like any feedback I can get, whether it be good or bad.

3.47: Also it’s good that you accept feedback whichever way it comes because it helps you improve!
Seven: Yeah it is. It helps to have an open mind when judging feedback so you don’t become too arrogant (laughs)

3.47: Are you playing live events or is that something you want to do?
Seven: I’m not doing anything of the sort. It would be something I’d like to do once I make some more songs that are club-worthy and once I know how to perform in the proper way. But it definitely looks fun and I definitely will have to do it sometime (Laughs).

3.47: Would you say making your own tracks is easier than a remix or just as hard?
Seven: I’d actually say making original tracks is harder than remixing. With remixing songs, you usually get some stems and some MIDI that was used in the original song, and that makes everything easier. Remixing usually just gives you the materials you need to work with in order to achieve a good song, whereas making original tracks is a situation where you have to find the materials you want to use, and how to make them all sound right together.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
Seven: My spare time is always either devoted to spending time with friends, playing Dark Souls II, watching YouTube videos and Twitch live streams, or experimenting with music stuff (obviously). Homework also fills a large percentage of that time during the weekdays, I usually only have time to not do school during weekends.

3.47: What’s Dark Souls 2 like? Would you say it’s easier than the first or just as insanely hard?
Seven: Dark Souls II would be in the in-between section within difficulty. The whole Souls series is supposed to be extremely difficult but this Souls game in particular is easier than the other two.

3.47: Given the chance who would you love to work with?
Seven: I’m torn between working with Seven Lions or Xilent, really. I love both their musical styles, and I’d love to have been taught things within working and collaborating with one of the two. I really couldn’t imagine working with anyone else that is big in the electronic music scene as of now, because everyone’s focusing on how to get huge bass sounds and growls and whatever else, whereas producers like myself are just trying to make some music that people could “feel” with, if that makes any sense. (Not saying that people who don’t make melodic music don’t put emotion into their tracks).

3.47: Never know Seven Lions or Xilent might be reading this and might message you!
Seven: Probably to tell me that I suck xD

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
Seven: Well, one advantage would just be the fact that you’re alone (laughs). I feel like my work flow is much smoother in an environment where I’m alone rather than being distracted by someone, or any like that. But then again, duos and things like that do have more people, so that means ideas come to everyone faster than they would to a person that is working by themselves.

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Seven: My favourite song? It is quite hard to say. It’s either Alone by Singularity, or Seven Lion’s remix of The Great Divide by Velvetine.

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
Seven: I’m working on a collaboration between another producer and a vocalist, the producer’s name is Hawken, the vocalist’s name (if I am not mistaken) is Without My Armor. I’m also experimenting with FM synthesis, so some cool basses and whatnot will appear in the far future (Laughs).

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
Seven: I do really love drawing. Drawing has always been one of my favourite things to do if I’m stressed out, bored, or whatever else. I also can make websites, but not to the extent that professionals do.

3.47: You got any of your drawings on your site or anything?
Seven: I just put one up on my fan-Facebook page that I recovered from my personal Facebook page. I forgot who it is though, and it’s from when I used to be in anime. I used to have a lot more but that binder is long-gone.

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
Seven: Something stupid and immature for sure. Probably something like Fahjit Rekoardz, the slogan would be “sik wobz m8”, even when the label would only release melodic-chiptune-trance-step and the only signed artist would be Aiden Jude, (Laughs)!

3.47: What’s the best advice you been given?
Seven: “You always have more options than you think you have,” would be mine. Whenever I get stuck in something where I feel like I can’t get out of it, I remember that saying and just find my way through whatever the situation is. That’s not exactly advice, but eh, works well enough.

3.47: Final question! Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Seven: Fans? Didn’t know I had any (Laughs)! I’ll just say that I deeply appreciate all support given to me. Not many people take time out to listen to music by bedroom producers like myself, so any form of support is always another thing to brighten my days.

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Seven for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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