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Interview: Danlsan

My guest today is none other than Danlsan! His created tracks such as Multiverse, Lucid dreams (Video above) and done a remix of Danny Darko ft. Jova Radevska – Time Will Tell! Danlsan gave up some free time to sit down and chat to me!

3.47: How did the name come about?
Danisan: Well, my first name is Daniel, and I am part Japanese, so I thought of “Daniel-san”, but then shortened it to “Danlsan”.

3.47: How long have you been making music for?
Danlsan: I’ve been making electronic music for about 5.5 months, but before that I taught myself how to play acoustic and electric guitar.

3.47: Was this something you always wanted to do?
Danlsan: Since I was young I always liked music, I took piano lessons around the age of 6, and started teaching myself guitar around the age of 13. When I discovered electronic music, I knew I wanted to make my own.

3.47: Do you still play the guitar now and then?
Danlsan: Yeah I do! I love playing the guitar still. I may try to incorporate it in my music someday..

3.47: What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
Danlsan: I’m actually kinda surprised, I didn’t think I’d receive the amount of followers and attention in my short time of producing.

3.47: Are you playing live events or is that something you want to do?
Danlsan: No, but I want to play live events one day.

3.47: Would you say making your own tracks is easier than a remix or just as hard?
Danlsan: Well I’d say remixes are easier, but that’s because you’re most likely given the key of the song, and if the song has vocals, it makes it easier to build onto. But it depends on what ideas you have.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
Danlsan: I like to produce (Obviously), hang out with friends, do martial arts training, and lift during my spare time.

3.47: Which marital arts would you say has been the hardest one you done?
DanlsanHmm.. Probably Silat. Its an Indonesian art, and it is amazing.

3.47: Given the chance who would you love to work with?
Danlsan: Oooo tough question… Well since he’s my favourite producer, I’d have to go with the legendary Seven Lions.

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
Danlsan: The best advantages are that you’re free to make what you want, and at your own pace. The only real disadvantage is the lack of exposure your music gets.

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Danlsan: Hmm.. that’s another hard one, I have so many! One that comes to mind is Seven Day Siege’s remix of The Eye by Cosmic.

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
Danlsan: Many new tracks with things I’ve never done before as I progress in skill, and expect a few collaborations as well 🙂

3.47: Can you tell us a little bit about the new projects you’re working on?
Danlsan: Well one I’m getting vocals for, another is a remix collab, and I’m not sure about the 3rd anymore… But I do have some unreleased stuff thats finished… 😛

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
Danlsan: I’ve trained in various martial arts and have a black belt through my school. I guess it’s not really a hidden talent, but .to people who don’t know me in person it is.

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
Danlsan: Hmm.. I’m not quite sure. I’m not really interested in running my own label. Maybe Synodic Records. (laughs) I don’t know, that was just off the top of my head!

3.47: What’s the best advice you been given?
Danlsan: Just to make what I want to hear, cause that’s when you make the best music you can make.

3.47: Final question! Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Danlsan: Thank you so much for listening to my music! It means a lot to me and I’m loving the support. You’re what keeps me going.

3.47 would like to than Danlsan for taking the time out to doing this interview! Till next time guys!

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