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Interview: Jon Goertz

My guest today is none other than Jon Goertz! His created hits such as Dynamite Nights (video above), Winter eyes and Tales! Jon Goertz was kind enough to give up some free time to do this interview!

3.47: How long have you been making music for?
Jon Goertz: I started messing around with my dad’s keyboard about 3 years ago and it steadily escalated from there.

3.47: Did your Dad work back in the room and looked surprised when he heard you making the music?
J.G: I wouldn’t say he was ever surprised, but he was always very supportive.

3.47: Was this something you always wanted to do?
J.G: I never once thought about making music, even as a hobby, before 3 years ago. When I was little I wanted to be a writer (probably because that’s what my dad did/does), from the age of 12, and even still, I wanted to make movies and through my late teens I wanted to be a cop, (laughs). Music was always very important to me, but I never thought about making it.

3.47: Do you still pick up the pen and write now and then still? Never know you could be having a few lyrics in your mind and people may want to hear them! Do you still think about been a cop or you got another career in your mind?
J.G: I haven’t written anything in a long time. That was back when I was in Elementary school. As of right now, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, (laughs)

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
J.G: That’s a very difficult question for me because of how eclectic my taste is. I listen to a little bit of everything. I’ll give you a few of my current favorites: Glósóli by Sigur Rós, Outro by M83, anything and everything made by Lana Del Rey, Get Along by Electric Youth, Africa by Toto, and for another nice random one I’ll go with 99 Luftballons by Nena.

3.47: Now that is quite a selection! I feel like someone just handed me a plate of cheese here and say try each one! Would you say they influence your musical style?
J.G: I’m sure they do.

3.47: Yeah I think with comments you have to take the good with the bad to see what people feel for a track! But either way yeah you’re doing pretty well for yourself I won’t deny that! What was your reaction like when you saw the comments coming in about your music?
J.G: I was very pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say that I was expecting especially negative comments or anything; I was pretty confident with what I was putting out, but I definitely did not expect the overwhelming positivity either.

3.47: Are you hoping to play live events in the future?
J.G: No. (laughs). I mean, sometimes when I think about it it seems so cool. However, most of the time I’m thinking about it as the anti-social person that I am and it just seems awful. Who knows, maybe I’d love it.

3.47: In years to come you could be on stage running your own show in say Opera or even maybe having your music put to a film! Never stop dreaming man because when you do, the dream dies with it! Who would you like to work with?
J.G: I feel like I would be way too intimidated to collaborate with anyone I look up to or who inspire me. If I were able to get over that though, I would say (and basically I’m just listing off some of my favorite musicians) Hans Zimmer, Lana Del Rey and Electric Youth.

3.47: It could well happen someday! Like I said before never stop dreaming! Would you say it’s easier to do a remix or harder than making your own track?
J.G: Logic would suggest that a remix is much easier to make than original content based on the fact that you’re basically just taking something that’s already been done and simply adding to it or changing it up a little, but that’s not necessarily the case, from my experience. I have found doing both extremely difficult and extremely easy at times. I will say that I have grown to greatly prefer just making original content. It can be difficult and strenuous, but it’s so satisfying creating something that is yours and yours alone.

3.47: A few artist I spoke to felt the same way as you said and that’s why I like hearing the answers because it’s always different! Would you do another remix in the future maybe?
J.G: Probably not.

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
J.G: I don’t have any money, but I don’t have to answer to anyone or meet deadlines. (Laughs).

3.47: True! I mean it does sound like been back at school trying to hand in your exam papers! (laughs) If you had the power to run your own label what would you call it?
J.G: It would probably just be a reference to some stupid inside joke I have with my friends, (laughs). As for something specific, I really couldn’t tell you.

3.47: That’s fair enough! Given the chance to run YouTube for a day what would you change about it?
J.G: I would stop too many changes from being made. That’s what I would change. (Laughs)

3.47: Please do! (Laughs) I mean I talked to a few people and some said they wanted the old layout back or just even getting rid of Google+ in total! You done quite a few different styles of music going from Orchestra to recently 80’s retro soundtrack, what would you say suits you best?
J.G: I feel like both suit me very well. I love both styles dearly and would never be able to choose between them. It all really depends on what mood I’m in.

3.47: Yeah that’s fair enough! I think what’s unique about yourself is that each track can be you tapping into a different genre of music which is awesome! What can we expect from you in the future?
J.G: I have a couple new songs that I’m currently preparing to put out. I think they’re going to make for an interesting compromise between orchestral and 80’s, but I’ll just leave that up to the listeners to decide. Beyond that, I’m not really sure; I just go with the flow.

3.47: That sounds amazing! I gotta say I can’t wait to hear it when it goes live! Final question! Anything you like to say to your fans out there?
J.G: Unfortunately I will have to be cliché and say that you guys are all awesome. All the support and positivity means so much to me and has helped me in more ways than you might think. Also, I apologize to those of you who come for one genre of music and end up with something else, but hopefully that can be remedied. It’ll just take some figuring out on my part.

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Jon Goertz for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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