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Interview: Chills n’ Feels

My guest today is the YouTube’s channel Chills n’ Feels! The catchphrase used on the channel reads, “Just chill and feel” does put you at ease! Chills n’ Feels are also part of the Chill Federation! This is how the interview played out!

3.47: How did the name come about?
Chills n’ Feels: Honestly, I’m terrible with names and then this name just popped into my head and I thought it was actually pretty decent!

3.47: Makes perfect sense if you ask me! You can’t beat that chilling feeling when hearing a track!
CnF: For sure!

3.47: Who is the person behind Chills n’ Feels? Or is more than one person?
CnF: Nope it’s just me, and I’m just an average guy that loves to share his taste in music with others!

3.47: That’s cool to know! Do you think that could expand at a later date?
CnF: Honestly, I don’t think so. I really prefer just running the channel myself!

3.47: How did it first come about opening a channel?
CnF: I’ve always been a huge fan of all types of electronic music, and a lot of music channels as well! Then one day I just decided that I’d like to give it a go, and that’s that!

3.47: I’m glad you did because you as well others have open my ears to fresh talent!
CnF: Awesome!

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
CnF: As I said before, I’m terrible with coming up with names (Laughs), so probably something along the lines of my channels name now.

3.47: If I see Chilling Records I know it’s from you!
CnF: (Laughs), yep!

3.47: What makes your channel stand out from everyone else?
CnF: I’ll be honest, not much. If anything it’d be my taste in music, I have a huge variety of music I like, I upload anything from chillstep, to deep house, to instrumental hip-hop and more!

3.47: At least your keeping it fresh by doing that because mixing up the genres for the channel which is good because some people may hear a song and then be surprised of what genre it is!
CnF: For sure, I love all sorts of genres and I want my subscribers to enjoy all types!

3.47: What is your favourite track right now?
CnF: I honestly can’t pick one, but I’ll name a few: Addal – Waves, Imagined Herbal Flows – Dream, Hoodlem x WKND – Old Friend, and Giraffage – All That Matters (Kultur Remix).

3.47: His got some some real good choices here!
CnF: Glad you think so, that’s just a few, there’s so many good tracks out there!

3.47: Did you ever think it will get this big?
CnF: I honestly didn’t have any idea how big I’d get, at first it was real slow but recently I’ve been growing at a decent rate!

3.47: That’s good to know! And at least you still use it to comment on others channels as well! Some of the bigger ones don’t say a word back to you!
CnF: Yeah true, but I don’t take it personally! Might be pretty hard answering everyone with that many subscribers!

3.47: Any hidden talents you got?
CnF: Not sure if I’d call it a talent, but I’m and absolute beast at video games!

3.47: What’s your favourite game at the moment? A few people have come back saying they are doing Dark Souls 2!
CnF: Honestly, it’s Black Ops 2. I haven’t been able to stop playing that since it came out!

3.47: You have a great selection of music on your channel; do you find it hard picking tracks at times?
CnF: For sure, I spend so much time finding great tracks, but when I do it’s definitely worth it! Same goes for pictures, I spend almost as much time finding great pictures to go with all these amazing tracks!

3.47: Again this is why I like channels like yours because when you pick a tune it does have a great feeling towards it!
CnF: Glad you think so!

3.47: Has the YouTube policy made it harder for you to keep some tracks on your channel at all?
CnF: Yeah for sure, a few of my uploads can’t even be viewed in certain countries now, which is for sure a pain.

3.47: Do they tell you the reason why they can’t or is it a case of you finding out from your fans?
CnF: The few times it happened it’s been copyright claims, so I’ve gotta watch out for those!

3.47: If you could run YouTube what would you change?
CnF: I’d definitely change the channel layout, get rid of Google+ and who knows what else, (Laughs)!

3.47: As a lot of my guest have said, bring it back to the old ways!
CnF: For sure!

3.47: Quite a few YouTube music channels have their own mechanise, is this also something you are looking to do in the future?
CnF: Well I think that’d be one of the most awesome things to have, but I’d definitely have to grow quite a bit to get something like that!

3.47: I’m telling you now, if I see a Chill Federation t-shirt I’m gonna snap that up! Saying that do you guys have a logo for it?
CnF: At the moment, no. It’d certainly be cool to have one though!

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
CnF: Read, game, chill with friends, eat, sleep. The usual for a teenager I guess, (Laughs).

3.47: Yeah the standard the thing then!
CnF: Yep!

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
CnF: More great tracks of course, I’m really hoping to have some great personal mixes uploaded to my channel that I hope you guys will like as well!

3.47: You hear that world! We got some special things happening on this one!
CnF: (Laughs), I guess so!

3.47: You’re part of the Chill Federation but how did it all come about been formed?
CnF: It all started by us just checking out and commenting on each others channels, we all loved types of chill music! Eventually we made a group chat and ever since we’ve been planning great mixes and more for you awesome subscribers!

3.47: It’s awesome you guys came together like that because it’s not something you see a lot of! It’s more everyone keeps to themselves and try take all the glory! Hopefully I can do a future interview with the whole Chill Federation some day!
CnF: Yeah I know, I’m real excited to be apart of something like this!

3.47: Can we expect a Volume 3 with your channel involved next time round?
CnF: For sure! I’m definitely bummed out I couldn’t get the time to be apart of Volume 2, but the next one I’ll for sure be apart of!

3.47: Well I be glad to hear your mix in the next volume!
CnF: I hope so!

3.47: Final question, do you have anything you like to say to your fans out there?
CnF: Yeah, for awhile there I wasn’t uploading (couldn’t, really) and I still gained subscribers, likes on my videos, like on Facebook and more. You guys are the best, and I just want to thank you all for the support you’ve given to my channel so far! ❤

3.47: Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear it for Chills n’ feels! Great work man and keep those amazing tunes playing!
CnF: For sure, thanks!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Chills n’ Feels for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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