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Interview: Skyward Music

My guest today is a YouTube music channel going by the name of Skyward Music! The catchphrase “Just the music you love” has released its first free downloadable album, Cataclysm! I caught up with the man behind the channel to do this interview!

3.47: How did it all start?
Skyward Music: Well, I wanted to show the world hidden talents, that’s actually the reason for Cataclysm.

3.47: Any story behind picking the name?
SM: I chose this name quite a long time ago. I guess it was in the end of 2012, when TwoThirds released his song Skywards (feat. Lambert McGaughy). I was just a usual SoundCloud user, the name userxxx was so lame, so I decided to call myself Skyward.

3.47: Who is the person behind Skyward Music? Or is it more than one person?
SM: My name is Nicklas. I decided to tell the people that they shall call me Nick. English people can hardly pronounce it right ^^

3.47: You recently released the compilation album, Cataclysm which is awesome! How hard was it picking the tracks?
SM: The tracks I got from the artists were all very nice. It was just hard to find the right artists. There are many good artists out there. But to find them and to persuade them to join the compilation was even harder.

3.47: What is your favourite track at the moment?
SM: This is hard to say. There are about hundreds of songs that I love. I guess Crystal by Fox Stevenson is currently my favourite.

3.47: Has it been a bit of a struggle to get your name out there?
SM: When we are talking about 50 subscribers and like 300 SoundCloud plays in less than 24 hours. No, it wasn’t that hard. But it was hard to get all the contacts for the compilation and the management behind it.

3.47: Any hidden talents you got?
SM: Maybe *laughs*

3.47: If you could run YouTube what would you change?
SM: Good question! I really don’t know what I would do. I guess YouTube does everything well. I really appreciate the opportunity to advertise his own channel instead of commercials before the videos.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
SM: Usually I meet friends or go out, I live very bucolic and I love to enjoy the weather. I know, this sounds really weird *laughs*. I love just taking my longboard ride away…and come back when I want to something else.

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
SM: A few more Skyward Free releases and there will be a new series on my channel when I reach 100 subscribers there.

3.47: You have a great selection of music on your channel; do you find it hard picking tracks at times?
SM: Sometimes it is. I have a really big library of EDM songs, but I want to keep the uploads up-to-date. So it’s actually hard to find good music daily, until the big guys it do.

3.47: Quite a few YouTube music channels have their own merchandise, is this also something you are looking to do in the future?
SM: Maybe in a couple of months. It all depends on the growth of Skyward Music.

3.47: Final question, do you have anything you like to say to your listeners out there?
SM: Yes! I am really grateful for everyone of you. Maybe 50 subscribers are not very much in comparison to millions. But I am thankful for everyone of you!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Skyward Music for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

Skyward Music


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