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Special announcement (Updated)


So I have good and bad news today to give today! Don’t worry the blog isn’t closing down or anything that dramatic! I’m basically going to be having a few changes around here to make things better!

Due to YouTube new policy of wanting to ban independent music artist with their new streaming service, I will no longer be using them for any of the opening interviews. As most of you know I’m in full support of helping out the independent market and don’t agree with what YouTube is doing. In fact every music artist interview from now on will have SoundCloud links. I’m working my through all of the previous interviews to do the same thing.

All YouTube music channels will now be called Music Promoters! The name sounds a lot better and they are doing a great job promoting independent music out there! They will now be placed under the Music Promoters categories to make searching for them easier. All music artist will have the same effect where they will be called … Music Artist! I will also add if they are a producer or singer in the category. The changes will start to appear later this week!

I will also be going through all the interviews again with another person to check any spelling errors I’ve made! Some people have said to me I spelt the word favourite wrong but it’s the UK way of spelling it. If you do see any errors please contact me on where and which interview! I’ll admit I’m the worst when it comes to spelling most words but I’m trying my best!

While doing this I’ll also be adding links to the artists favourite tracks as well! Some people have requested this so I’m happy to do it! If you do have any other requests at all, I’m open to hear them! Fill out the form and let me hear them!

Special interest interviews will happen as long as I can do them! FineTuning347 isn’t just about music alone, but other things as well! I always seen the blog as supporting the people who don’t get the notice they deserve! As a fan of independent music, movies and other interest, this is the best way of me saying thank you to them! As the saying goes hard work pays off!

So the bad news! Couldn’t help adding that! July onwards will be a lot more slower on the interviews due to me starting my new job. I’m also slowing down due to personal matters that need to be sorted out. When I know what days I’ll be working, I’ll spend some of my free time looking for more people to interview! As I always say if you know anyone that would like to get featured then I’m happy to have them on!

Before I go, here is a list of interviews that will be coming up in the next few weeks!

Sally Fowler
FM Station
Dana Jean Phoenix
Lewis Hurrell

Thanks for the continuing support and hope you enjoy your stay!


Update: Just remembered about someone asking if the site can be more mobile friendly due to it been hard to read. I’m looking at other themes so I’ll do a test to see which one will work best! Expect a few test runs in the next couple of weeks!


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