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Interview: FM Station

My next guest is FM Station! Free Music Station catchphrases are Your source of good vibes & inspiration and sit back, we’ll do the rest! The channel has a great source of various types of music and with nearly 800 subscribers, the channel is getting the hype that it deserves! This is how the interview between us played out!

3.47: How did the name come about?
FM Station: The name? Oh… I was aiming towards a catchy name, which wouldn’t limit me in any way later on if I plan to expand business out of Youtube. The main idea was to incorporate word that would indicate that content is free to use by other content creators (like NCS – NoCopyrightSounds for example). “FM” (Free Music) came by thinking with this logic.Then again there’s also the connection with radio waves/radio stations, so I found it fitting to put “Station” as second part of name. I’m trying to present channel only with FM now – its very short and sounds right.

3.47: Who is the person behind FM Station? Or is it more than one person?
FMS: Basically the idea and channel were created by me, but now I’ve got my real life friend to open his music channel too and we are helping each other out (ranging from design ideas to song suggestions etc.)

3.47: How did it first come about opening a channel?
FMS: I’ve had the idea of establishing a good YouTube channel for a while. My 1st channel was one with video edits, but I soon realized that it takes quite a while to build something out of it. After that, I just went for something people can enjoy daily… something with repetitive value. It hit me almost instantly then – music!
FM is actually second music channel I opened. The first one was also ok, but I just didn’t have the feel for all of it back then. FM has much more potential than that first one.

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
FMS: Its too early to make that decision at the moment. I’ve thought about in general and concluded that I’m opened for new opportunities as they arise. My main focus remains solely YouTube channel at the moment.

3.47: What makes your channel stand out from everyone else?
FMS: Design. (Also, being friendly – striving towards building a community and quality uploads.)
There are just way too many channels that add a picture to background for example, so it was a no-go. I just wanted to make it look simple and visualize the music in some way.
Since I’m into video editing, creating something interesting and beautiful wasn’t that much of a problem.

3.47: What’s your favourite track at the moment?
FMS: Ugh… I cant answer that. There are just too many good songs out there. Some are more fitting at the times than others but basically everything I upload to FM is or was among songs that I loved very much.

3.47: Did you ever think it will get this big?
FMS: I still consider it to be pretty small =) & I’m satisfied with how things are resolving.

3.47: Any hidden talents you got?
FMS: Well, to be honest, no. I’m just young and enthusiastic. Willing to learn new interesting stuff (anything considering design, programming or running a business and much more).
Expanding my limits makes me feel good.

3.47: You have a great selection of music on your channel; do you find it hard picking tracks at times?
FMS: I’d say it takes me about 40 minutes to find a good song. Then again at times I spend hours searching and don’t find anything too interesting. I mostly use soundcloud for that.

3.47: Has the YouTube policy made it harder for you to keep some tracks on your channel at all?
FMS: Well, of course, but I think its a good system. Copyright holders get a piece of cake when their material is used. I’m focused on free releases for now, so many awesome artists release exceptional songs for free today =) It helps them build audience much easier.

3.47: If you could run YouTube what would you change?
FMS: Pff… I’m not quite sure. Am satisfied with how it works now. Can’t base decisions like that on my current knowledge 😛

3.47: Quite a few YouTube music channels have their own mechanise, is this also something you are looking to do in the future?
FMS: Yup, when the fanbase grows a bit, Ill be sure to start dishing out things like t-shirts, key chains etc. probably.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
FMS: My spare time last few months is really minimal. Caring about this channel is really more work than I had hoped for, but that’s ok, I like it. Besides that I’ve started a FB page also recently so those two things and college eat up my time =) In actual free time I enjoy playing a good game, thinking of new stuff I could do, hanging out with friends etc.

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
FMS: I’m always looking for ways to improve. Have few more ideas that will come to life before or during this summer. You’ll see if you stick around, I wont go into details here.

3.47: Final question, do you have anything you like to say to your fans out there?
FMS: Yes. Enjoy the music! =) That matters the most. You all have my thanks for tuning in to FM!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to FM Station for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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