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Special interview coming up!

That’s right! I just finished putting the final pieces together for the next special which will be going live next week Friday! I’m considering having all specials interest interviews to appear every last friday of the month. That could change due depending on if I can find people to agree to be featured. Hopefully it will work out but for now it’s a thought! I’m glad to see how well the blog is doing and as always I’m thankful to everyone who comes by to read it! I’m happy to say it has passed the 2750 view count today! It’s amazing and again very big thank you to everyone for making it happen!

Time to answer some questions! I’m getting asked quite a few times when interviews go live so here’s my answer! They go up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the early morning which is when I schedule them. I do this way so when I am awake, I can edit and correct any mistakes I found! Also it’s great to wake up to and see how many views I got for them! Another one I got asked was where did the Max Stevens interview go? It’s not gone anywhere and Max Stevens recently changed the name to the new alias, Mokoa! I gotta do a couple more since I know Music Illuminati Club Records are now known as DeepSky Records so will change that as well! I’m also glad to hear people are finding the site easier to read as well especially on mobile devices! I was concern hearing that the old theme wasn’t working for many people and made everything look like it was done in all Bold. On that note I’ll leave you with a teaser of who will be my featured next week Friday! Enjoy the rest of you week and keep going strong, never let anything get in your way!


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