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Interview: Richard Caddock‏

My guest today is none other than, Richard Caddock‏! The multi talented artist was recently featured on the WRLD#’s track Orbit which was released on Monstercat! But that’s not all he’s done, the man himself is also a producer under the alias Daize! Richard was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

3.47: Normally people go by an alias but instead you got by your real name! Any reason for?
Richard Caddock‏: Well singing isn’t my only thing! I’m a producer and a musician too, trained as a sound and recording engineer, so I have an alias for different projects. Daize is my EDM producer alias, I’ve had it for a while but haven’t shown much of my work on that yet but will be soon! I’m also in a band recording our first EP. When I do singer/songwriter work, or feature as one specific thing (like a vocalist) on another track, I go by my actual name in an attempt to keep things simpler!

3.47: When did you first started getting noticed as a singer?
Richard: Well I’ve been singing for as long as I’ve been playing instruments which is pretty much since I was about 5, and I’ve been in a number of groups growing up in schools and performing at shows. It’s all been a gradual build, but I don’t think my singing has been really noticed quite as when “Orbit” was released. It’s been a huge deal to me!

3.47: Does anyone else in your family sing?
Richard: Yes! Actually I have an older sister and singing is like her THING. She’s really good! My mum also used to sing, so it runs in the family a little (Laughs)!

3.47: What inspires you as a artist?
Richard: I think I get the most inspired by music actually making a positive difference to people. As cheesy as it sounds there isn’t anything more inspiring than your music giving people awesome vibes and having a good impact on people! I really strive to do that.

3.47: How supportive have your friends and family been?
Richard: My family actually funded my sound and audio engineering diploma straight out of high school, as I skipped college. I then went on and managed to jump to a third year on a BA Honours Music Production degree and ended up doing just the last year, getting degree in it just after I turned 19. Without my family making some sacrifices for me that wouldn’t have happened. They’ve also put up with me having a home studio in our dining room for about 5 years now, and we’re in the process of building a studio space in my garage. I owe my progress to them! I’m trying not to make my answer lengthy but my friends also were a massive support to me during my last year of uni, as I had to undergo an operation on my ears (ironically) during the end of that last degree year. They’ve all been amazing to me.

3.47: Who would you like to work with next? Anyone famous at all?
Richard: Oh man this is a great question. Adam Young, Porter Robinson, Wave Racer, John Mayer, Pegboard Nerds, Oliver Nelson, Astronaut, Zedd are the dream collaborations! there’s so many amazing and inspiring people out there. Not that I see any of them happening any time soon!

3.47: How hard is it being independent and trying to get your voice out there?
Richard: Being independent and successfully getting out there gets harder and harder every year I think. I was one of the people who were just old enough to be putting stuff onto MySpace JUST as it stopped being the number one go to source for independent music. These days we have a lot more control of our own music, but we’re saturated by online social media services and too many people who think that making music is a competition. There are competitions, but in the end we’re all just trying to create. Teamwork seems to be a running theme!

3.47: When it comes to a track do you get a lot of them and have to decline some? For example the beat might not be to your fitting or are you open to all types?
Richard: Since “Orbit” has been released I’ve received a tonne of tracks and unfortunately I do have to decline some! I’m very musically diverse so I’m usually open to all types of music to a level I think would suit what they’d like me to do, but I think it’s more quality of the songs that have to be right! I get a load of really young producers sending me music with awesome potential but it’s just not the right time. I try to give feedback and help anyone out as much as I can though!

3.47: Are you surprised at how big your fan base has become?
Richard: As much as I would love a fan base, I don’t think I’m quite there yet! But there’s a load of people who follow me and genuinely love what I do and I appreciate every single one of them!

3.47: What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
Richard: I remember watching the YouTube video going up on MonsterCats channel with WRLD on Skype for “Orbit” and I’ve never felt such an awesome vibe about my music! Reading about how people love the song and how it cheered them up after a bad day, or they can’t stop listening on repeat really energised me! I found the negative opinions quite fair and I just found the silly names in the comments quite funny. We still laugh about them! It’s honestly been very amazing to see, and I still love going through the comments on YouTube and SoundCloud just to read what people thing about the songs!

3.47: If you had the power to run your own music label, what would you call it?
Richard: I almost set one up once! It was ( and would be ) called Ocean Sky Records. “Ocean Sky” was the name of the first song I ever fully produced in ProTools, and put on MySpace. Either that or some cool play on words with my name.

3.47: What has been the weirdest request you had?
Richard: I wouldn’t say it was weird, but unique. I was asked to sing on a Hardcore EDM track, and I struggled to figure out where I could sing on it!

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
Richard: This relates well to question 7! The advantage is that now you have full creative control over your music. What is sounds like, and most importantly how GOOD it sounds is on your head. So you have to work HARD on your songs, and a good end result is more rewarding. You can do it in your own time, and technology and services are good enough these days to fully support a career in that! The disadvantage is that in the music industry exposure and promotion is vital to being seen in a saturated world, and sometimes you’re going to need some help from other places much higher than you to achieve that! It’s not a huge disadvantage, as long as you understand that teamwork makes people independent successful, which kind of defeats the idea of being independent!

3.47: Are you hoping to perform live?
Richard: I love performing live! Growing up I would perform regularly, and in the last year I did a load of acoustic gigs which was great as well! Hell I was even djing! It’d be rad to start performing again with a more fuller sound, a band or something, that’s where I’d like to go next! (hint)

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
Richard: Ella Henderson – Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix). Definitely my Summer Jam!

3.47: What’s your favourite movie?
Richard: Changes regularly, but nothing can beat Star Wars or Iron Man films. Drive is a top film as well.

3.47: What’s the best advice you been given?
Richard: Don’t tell me what you’re going to do. Go do it, come back, and tell me what you’ve done!

3.47: What advice can you give to to others who want to be like you?
Richard: Don’t settle for anything but the best, and don’t say no to the things you like because someone else doesn’t. Rely on yourself!

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
Richard: I love making YouTube videos and I do a bit of photography every now and then. I play video games with my friends and just enjoy hanging out.

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
Richard: I can do a cracking Stewie Griffin impression.

3.47: If you had the chance to run YouTube what would you change about it?
Richard: In 2011 I did a studio cover of one of my favourite tracks and it got 7 YouTube honours which really I was pretty insane back then! I would bring those back! I would also make it much easier to change your URL!!!

3.47: You was recently featured on WRLD’s Orbit which was awesome! What was it like working with him?
Richard: Me and WRLD have been making music together for several years now, we’re really close friends, despite the distance! I’ve been to his a couple of times now, and the first time I visited we started my single “Alive To Explore” together, as he’s a co-producer on that. The vocals for “Orbit” were actually recorded 2 years ago, for a house track we made when he was under a different alias. When he started working on Orbit, we tried the vocals in the track to see if they fit. It was a perfect match for the idea! We’re always messing around with new music together, it’s a very unique friendship.

3.47: Are there any upcoming artist like yourself that you’re keeping a close eye on? For example they are going to be reaching new heights soon?
Richard: I’ve seen a lot of them take off already! Laszlo has great tracks and hopefully will be pushing through more soon! I know a few people who are going to be doing really well, and I love seeing that! These people are already doing better than me though haha!

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
Richard: I’m working on a remix EP featuring myself as Daize and WRLD for my single “Alive To Explore” and then I’ve got my nameless bands new EP on the way, and I’m working on some collaboration tracks as a vocalist, as well as doing other work for people such as mastering and production through my joint studio “company” called Chrysalis Audio! The best way to stay in the loop with everything going on is to follow my Twitter!

3.47: Final question! Any words you want to say to your listeners out there?
Richard: I think that without people getting on board with my music and being so positive about it is a huge driving force behind me making more, so I can only try to express my appreciation for people who are supporting my music and joining me for the ride! Whether it was 2010 for my first ever release or 2014 when Orbit came out, I’ve had so many awesome responses to the music that I make, which is overwhelming to me a little because making music in small groups or independently is more than difficult when you’re judging and second guessing if people are going to like it or not. So thank you for everything so far, and I can’t wait to show you guys what’s next to come!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Richard Caddock‏ for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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