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Interview: LollieVox aka Laurie Webb

My guest today is none other than LollieVox! LollieVox has appeared on Lowself‘s track, Fall but also has her own original tracks such as Aren’t you Clever, Maybe we could and Stay baby. With a new EP scheduled for next month, the busy lady herself was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

3.47: Which do you prefer to be known as? Your real name or LollieVox?
LollieVox: I prefer LollieVox

3.47: How did the nickname come about and is there a story behind it?
LollieVox: One of my producers, Keith Brown was helping me make my first yahoo account. I picked out LollieVox out of the blue but discovered someone else had it so we added 88 to it. Then as time went on it felt like it was my “EDM” name so …I just adopted it. At that time it made sense to have a “candy” name on the internet for branding purposes. Then DJ’s started calling me Lollie , which is my nickname …so it stuck. Lol is because I laugh out loud a lot & Vox is vocals in Italian, & it reminds me of the Vox amp my father had when I was a girl. My biggest issue with getting others to associate my voice & image with “LollieVox” , is that I first came out on FruityLoops ( as they were known back then) as Laurie Webb, so most of the things posted with Laurie Webb have the most hits on YouTube.

3.47: When did you first started getting noticed as a singer?
LollieVox: I first started getting notice as a singer in Nashville when I signed with Star Song . I had interest from RCA records soon after that. but didn’t want to leave my children & husband to go on the road. Then I got a job at Curb Music Publishing , where I sang & wrote songs that were in major movies “Uptown Girls” , “Angel Eyes”, “Driven” & Poplular TV shows like Roswell & a song with LeAnne Rimes, but didn’t start becoming known around the world until FL Studio.com featured my song “Aren’t You Clever” in their program 5 & “Dance With Me” in program 7. Its kind of like being the prize in a Cracker Jack box, FL Studio users get to play with my voice & my song.

3.47: Does anyone else in your family sing?
LollieVox: My father & his sisters sang in a trio, their dad was in a barbershop quartet. Both my children are great singers too.

3.47: What inspires you as a artist?
LollieVox: Literally everything, I’m an obsessive creative person. Taking pictures on walks, filming life around me. Any kind of great art inspires me, creating with others & having fun. I’m always working on a project or 5 at any given time.

3.47: How supportive have your friends and family been?
LollieVox: I can’t even tell you how supportive they have been. friends & fans alike, from all over the world have chipped in to help when things got rough! Its such a blessing. And as far as family, my father wanted me to get into a profession that was “depression proof” . He would say ” people afforded their entertainment during the depression”So he bought me a record players & records to inspire me. He also taught me to play the guitar at age 11, thou he did try to get me to learn a marketable skill to fall back on, which I never did!! I’m a do or die music industry only kind of girl.

3.47: Who would you like to work with next? Anyone famous at all?
LollieVox: Honestly anyone that can do the job!! Kyle Ginther is someone I would really like to work with in Nashville. Butch Vig is on my short list of famous producers I would love to work with. I’m presently working with Jack Irwin, Silvertonerecording.com , on a bunch of projects.

3.47: How hard is it being independent and trying to get your voice out there?
LollieVox: Its been a challenge & its taken a lot of creative team building over the years in this DIY world we now live in.

3.47: When it comes to a track do you get a lot of them and have to decline some? For example the beat might not be to your fitting or are you open to all types?
LollieVox: I don’t take on clients unless I feel inspired to sing over their tracks. I do like a wide variety of music thou.

3.47: Are you surprised at how big your fan base has become?
LollieVox: Yes when I see the hits on Fake Static Noise’s remix “Fall” of my song “Dance with Me” , I’m a amazed! Also getting remixes from all over the world every few days for the last 10 years is interesting. When I went to London a beautiful 16 yr old girl said she & her friends had all done remixes of “Aren’t You Clever” but never put them up online. So I realized how many remixes that never even make it up online is a lot more than I realized !!

3.47: What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
LollieVox: It was like water to my soul. I felt that there was a reason I was doing music, that is wasn’t for nothing. I loved hearing all the different ways people around the world would approach the same songs. Some of the remixers would get better & better & now I have friends all over the world I can collaborate with.

3.47: If you had the power to run your own music label, what would you call it?
LollieVox: (Laughs) I would call it LollieVox Productions. But I have to admit I love having a company do things for me. It keeps me in the creative zone. But I do have aspirations of producing other acts.

3.47: What has been the weirdest request you had?
LollieVox: The FL Studio 20 year anniversary contest was hard. I had to learn all these melodies from keyboard parts & figure out how to phrase them with a click track. That was so odd & a huge challenge, but I managed to do 64 of them with Jack Irwin , Arlo Giunchi & Scott (Image Line Software), working closely with me.

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
LollieVox: Its much better to have a team in my opinion but with being independent you can form your own team.

3.47: Are you hoping to perform live?
LollieVox: I perform Jazz with a trio, here in Knoxville , TN & In Sarasota Florida I play my guitar & sing whatever songs I can play. I tried singing with a DJ but found most of the clubs aren’t set up for live vocals.

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
LollieVox: Watch Me Burn by Christy Fields

3.47: What’s your favourite video game?
LollieVox: L.A. Noire

3.47: What’s your favourite movie?
LollieVox: All 3 Back To The Futures

3.47: What’s the best advice you been given?
LollieVox: Enjoy the process , because that’s all there really is. There will always be a new plateau.

3.47: What advice can you give to to others who want to be like you?
LollieVox: ” Do what you love & The money Will follow” if that’s all you can do, it will grow you up & teach you what is really important to you, from the depth of your soul & you will surprised at how far you will go to achieve what you love.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
LollieVox: Make videos. Watch TV. Exercise, juice, watercolor, plot & scheme with friends, go on dates, hike. I would love to go downhill skiing & travel to Italy & Scotland. Mostly thou I work, cleaning houses & work on music full time when I’m not travelling to studios & gigs.

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
LollieVox: I feel could have been a dancer if I would have worked at it , but music came easier when I was younger so I went in that direction. I love to paint, for therapy mostly , when I do find the time. Videography is my next passion as well as producing others.

3.47: If you had the chance to run YouTube what would you change about it?
LollieVox: I’m not sure I would. Its been great for me. I just wish I knew how to make a counter claim on somebody who is claiming they have the rights to my song “Aren’t You Clever”

3.47: Do you prefer writing original songs than doing cover versions of songs?
LollieVox: Yes hands down! I would only like to do covers if I bring something original to it.

3.47: Are there any upcoming artist like yourself that you’re keeping a close eye on? For example they are going to be reaching new heights soon?
LollieVox: All the remixers on my new album Conscious Mind are on the rise including Amerigo Gazaway who is getting the attention of BET & A New Yorker cartoonist for his remix of Marvin Gaye & Mos Def. Asheria , a girl I write with in Nashville is a little bad ass, I expect her to break out. Christly Fields is one of my all time favs, I’m addicted to her songs!! Camille Alvey & I are about to release some new tracks I’m excited about! Mickey Cash, Cora Keller, Auto Defiance, Girl Billy, KRU172 & Rita Rose… the list goes on, some of the most talented people live in Nashville TN.!

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
LollieVox: Expect a lot of different kinds of collaborations & co writes with all kinds of talented people around the world. I may even go visit some of them & film my travels all over the world 🙂

3.47: Final question! Any words you want to say to your listeners out there?
LollieVox: I’m so grateful to be a part of your music & inspiration! Thank you for appreciating… It makes it all worthwhile!

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to LollieVox for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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