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Interview: OVRJYD‏

My guest today is none other than OVRJYD! Living by the coastline has helped the producer create some outstanding remixes such as Jacoo – A World Of Peace, previous guest eXcess – Her and the latest remix, Koda – Staying (video above)! But why the name? And how many unfinished tracks does he have sitting on his hard drive? The answers are in this interview!

3.47: How did the name come about?
OVRJYD‏: I had a very long list of potential names for about 6 months prior, but nothing felt right. Some of those names were songs by influencers. I narrowed it down to a few and “Overjoyed” stood out, the song is originally by Bastille. However upon playing around with artwork, OVRJYD came across better visually, so i stuck with it. I didn’t think the project would last as long as it has, but I think the name works with the sounds.

3.47: How long have you been making music for?
OVRJYD‏: I picked up music when I was 16 and set about self-teaching myself production, as well as guitar, piano and drums. It took quite a few years to reach any level of “good” and to truly focus on it.

3.47: Was this something you always wanted to do?
OVRJYD‏: No. I always liked music and grew up listening to it. But it was something I somehow fell into around 16. Then it became an obsession and continues to be to this day.

3.47: What was your reaction like when you saw the feedback coming in about your music?
OVRJYD‏: Honestly I was surprised. The first proper song I put out (Mirror) gained 100 plays very quickly. I utterly loved the fact some people actually liked it. I then went away for a week, and while checking it randomly half way through by holiday, it was on 3,500. I jumped around excitedly for a bit…

3.47: How much does the feedback effect you?
OVRJYD‏: It once affected me greatly, but upon finding the set “sound”, I’m now my own worst critic.

3.47: Would you like to play live at some point?
OVRJYD‏: I would love to, but it would take a lot more equipment, experience and an audience who wants to just chill out to do so.

3.47: From experience is making your own tracks easier than a remix or just as hard?
OVRJYD‏: I find it harder to create an original track compared to a remix, I find this is due to the limitations a remix can give you. When I’m sitting there with an open book and the option to create anything my mind can think of, I get stuck. But when i’ve got a 128 mp3 from YouTube and I want to make something from it, I can really dig deep and find creative ways to make that interesting.

3.47: What do you do in your spare time?
OVRJYD‏: Unfortunately, OVRJYD and music is what I do in my spare time. I work full time.

3.47: Given the chance who would you love to work with?
OVRJYD‏: This list is very long and filled with artists from the top 40, all the way to a 16 year old kid with 20 followers who is way more talented than me. The one of the top of my head is currently Atu. His music is just incredible and his album “Pictures on Silence” is one of my favourites over the past couple of years.

3.47: What would you say are the advantage/disadvantage of been independent?
OVRJYD‏: I would assume the freedom, but I don’t think I can speak until I have truly released music independently and on a bigger label.

3.47: What’s your favourite song at the moment?
OVRJYD‏: My favourite songs feel like they change every 15 minutes…do you want the cheesy answer or the ‘cooler’ one? Because it’s either “Ariana Grande & The Weeknd – Love Me Harder” (sorry), or “Buuckleyy – You So Bad”

3.47: Quite a lot of the artists I interview use FL studio, do you also use it?
OVRJYD‏: FL Studio was the first piece of software I used on an old and struggling PC. Personally I feel it was the best thing to learn production on.

3.47: Do you have any unfinished tracks sitting on your hard drive, you might show to the world someday?
OVRJYD‏: Hundreds….I tend to listen back to some of them and sometimes I re-do the ideas to create something new.

3.47: Do you prefer working side by side with someone to make a track or you’re okay working over the internet instead?
OVRJYD‏: I would always prefer working with somebody side by side, but thanks to the internet we do now have the opportunity to team up with musicians you would normally never have the chance to work with.

3.47: What’s your favourite food?
OVRJYD‏: At the moment, Pizza.

3.47: What’s your favourite film?
OVRJYD‏: At the moment, Inception

3.47: What’s your favourite TV show?
OVRJYD‏: It’s gotta be Game of Thrones. Mindblowingly good.

3.47: What’s your favourite video game?
OVRJYD‏: I was actually playing some old school Tony Hawks recently, oh the music was just perfect!

3.47: Given the chance to run YouTube what would you change about it?
OVRJYD‏: To be fair, they are running it pretty well as it is now. Greater targeting on adverts would make them more useful to advertisers and more interesting to us watching them.

3.47: Do you have any other hidden talents?
OVRJYD‏: Most of my friends and family have not heard much of the music I have made, so kind of all of this…

3.47: Weird question time! Would you try the deep fried doughnut bacon cheeseburgers?
OVRJYD: 100 per cent YES!

3.47: If you had the power to run your own label, what would you call it?
OVRJYD‏: I would love the chance to run my own label, and it’s something that is currently in the “naming” phase that may take a stupid amount of time.

3.47: What’s the best advice you been given?
OVRJYD‏: There are so many small pieces of advice that have had a huge effect on my life I wouldn’t be able to choose one thing. Just remember to be good to others, work on your passions and enjoy yourself, life is not all serious.

3.47: What advice can you give to people who want to be like yourself?
OVRJYD‏: Work out what you want to make, what you enjoy listening to and making. You may find music an escape like me and create really slow things, or you may want to make music you can dance to, but it’s what you want to make, not what you hear on the radio or the Beatport charts. Spend time on it, don’t spend all your time watching YouTube tutorials and learning the best VST’s to use, perfect what you have and you’ll be shocked at what you can do. Music is everywhere nowadays and there is an audience for everything.

3.47: Are there any upcoming artist like yourself, that you’re keeping a close eye on? For example they are going to be the next big breakout star?
OVRJYD‏: There is just too much talent hiding away it’s hard to predict. I’m looking forward to seeing how far Basecamp can go (https://soundcloud.com/basecampmusique). I’ve also got to shout out to VOYAGEUR who is making some awesome music (https://soundcloud.com/voyageurtv/pharaohs-version).

3.47: What can we expect from you in the future?
OVRJYD‏: I’m going to continue making remixes and writing my own pieces of music. I don’t have any specific aims, although I would love to get an EP finished and released sometime 🙂

3.47: Final question! Anything you want to say to your listeners out there?
OVRJYD‏: I’m incredibly grateful to anyone who has ever taken the time out of their lives to listen to my music, the fact I’m writing this itself is awesome, I’m very thankful. Thanks to 3.47 for asking to do this! I hope it helps someone somewhere 🙂

3.47 would like to say a massive thank you to Amazing Police for spending the time doing the interview! Until next time guys!

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