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News of my absence

First off I would like to apologise to everyone wondering where I have been. I got very ill and had to stay in hospital for a few days until I could get better which was a major shock to my system. I’m on the mend right now but it has come at a price where […]

Small update

Hey everyone just a really small update because I have been really busy dealing with real life issues at the moment. Small change to how the blog will be run, interviews for now will be on Mondays and Fridays. As I said I been really busy and not had much time to get hold of […]

Special interview coming up!

That’s right! I just finished putting the final pieces together for the next special which will be going live next week Friday! I’m considering having all specials interest interviews to appear every last friday of the month. That could change due depending on if I can find people to agree to be featured. Hopefully it […]

Congratulations to Bipolar Penguin Music!

Earlier today Bipolar Penguin Music hit the milestone of 1000 subscribers! This is a big achievement for the Music promoters having their YouTube channel reach this impressive number! Well done guys and glad to see you done it! If you like to know more about the channel, then check out the interview I did with […]


What more can I say! I’m still in shock of how many views the blog is getting! Thank you everyone so much for helping the blog reach this impressive number! As you can see the theme has changed for the blog as well. This was mainly due to some people on mobile devices saying it […]

Congratulations to Purple Turtle!

Earlier today I got told of some amazing news from Purple Turtle! The music promoter’s YouTube channel broke the 1000 subscribers milestone today! Well done PT! Glad to see you reach this milestone! If you like to know about Purple Turtle, check out the interview I did with him earlier this month! Once again congratulations […]

Special announcement (Updated)

So I have good and bad news today to give today! Don’t worry the blog isn’t closing down or anything that dramatic! I’m basically going to be having a few changes around here to make things better!

Congratulations to InVIBE Network!

Bit late with the news but wanted to say congratulations to InVIBE Network for reaching the milestone of 1000 subscribers! Good work and glad to see you reached it! As a thank you for reaching this milestone, he is giving everyone the download link to NIXK – Hot (Original Mix)! Want to know more about […]

Special Interview coming up!

Because you guys are so awesome, I broke the 1000 views count on Tuesday! The site has just turned a month old and already pulling in this much views have left me speechless and I’m completely humbled reaching that goal! Due to this I have a very special interview with someone who isn’t a recording […]

Congratulations to Neon Network!

Completely forgot to post this yesterday but Alex of Neon Network informed me that last night he hit a milestone of 500 subscribers and getting close to 35,000 views! Congratulations and I’m glad to be able to see it happen! Check out the interview between me and him about Neon Network!