Interview: Mogi Grumbles

This track here is just too relaxing! I mean I feel like I could just kick back and just … Chill! My guest today is none other than Mogi Grumbles! Wait what? Yes that is the name! Mogi has done re-scores of tracks such as Escape from New York inspired album, I heard you was […]

Interview: LollieVox aka Laurie Webb

My guest today is none other than LollieVox! LollieVox has appeared on Lowself‘s track, Fall but also has her own original tracks such as Aren’t you Clever, Maybe we could and Stay baby. With a new EP scheduled for next month, the busy lady herself was kind enough to give up some free time, to […]

Interview: ATMos

My next guest today is none other than ATMos! The 18 year old from Bordeaux, France has made songs such as When you get down, Common Things and the latest track, It doesn’t seem so easy! ATMos was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

Interview: Monks of Mellonwah

My guest today are none other than Monks of Mellonwah! The band from Kenthurst, Australia debuted with their first album, Turn The People which was a 3 part album! Their latest track, Tear Your Hate Apart – Radio Remix is out now on Bandcamp! John from the band was kind enough to answer my questions!

Interview: Testosteroso‏

Note: Interview will contain swearing and the lyrics in the song may offend people. Fair warning before you start having a go at me! But hey it’s rock and roll! Isn’t that what it’s mean to be about? My guest today are none other than Testosteroso‏! Yeah try saying that couple times fast! You may […]

Interview: TRINIDI

My guest today is none other than TRINIDI! He has made two tracks so far, one been the amazing track Through Nightfall and just as amazing, Dawn! Both tracks are free to download via the SoundCloud channel! TRINIDI was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

Interview: Pastel Lite

My guest today are the amazing Pastel Lite! The duo from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have been making experimental music for quite some time now! They have created tracks such as Have me, Gold and Underdog (video above)! I was able to catch up with both members, to do this interview!

Interview: LonelyDances

My guest today is none other than LonelyDances! Wait didn’t I just interview him? Well … Yes but that was about the channel! This time around this is about his music! LonelyDances recently released his latest EP 510, which you can listen to above! With no more delay, let’s get the interview going!

Interview: Lewis Hurrell

I’ll been honest, I’m always looking for songs that have that emotional feel! When I first heard of Lewis Hurrell’s track, Ordinary life (video above), it had the wow factor! He has another track as well called Highs and lows which again has the wow factor! I was given the chance to interview Lewis and […]

Interview: Sally Fowler

My guest today is the amazing lady, Sally Fowler! When I first heard the talented lady’s voice on her cover version of Mad World, I instantly fell in love with it! Last year she released her album I will cry at your funeral with tracks that include: The Hollow, Canyon and Innocent man to name […]