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Interview: Jordan Schor

Hello world and welcome to my first interview this year! Today we have up and coming producer who created this monster of a remix that you see above you! I am of course, speaking about Jordan Schor! Jordan was kind enough to give up some free time to do this interview! Advertisements

Interview: Amazing Police

My guest today is none other than Amazing Police! From Oslo, Norway, he has been making heads turn with his amazing tracks such as Sky or Die, Exotic Information and the latest track, Different machine! Amazing Police was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

Interview: Epictech

Note: The views expressed in this interview are those of the interviewee(s), and don’t represent the view and opinion of EpicTech, Think Office Direct, its parents or its affiliates. My special guest today is EpicTech! Who? Well EpicTech is a company who does video production, graphic designs and audio mixing to name a few things! […]

Interview: OVRJYD‏

My guest today is none other than OVRJYD! Living by the coastline has helped the producer create some outstanding remixes such as Jacoo – A World Of Peace, previous guest eXcess – Her and the latest remix, Koda – Staying (video above)! But why the name? And how many unfinished tracks does he have sitting […]

Interview: Dreamhour

My guest today is none other than Dreamhour! Some of you may remember his vocals been used in the vocal version of Nightcall’s track, Dead V! But Dreamhour has also a range of tracks of his own with the debut music video for his track, How are you! Dreamhour was kind enough to give up […]

Interview: Deth Klown

My guest today are the amazing sounding … Deth Klown! The duo from Canada has been tearing up the scene with tracks such as Black ft. Showtek, Deth Lion and the latest track, Youth in Asia! But why the name and what topping would they not want on their pizza? Let’s find out in this […]

News of my absence

First off I would like to apologise to everyone wondering where I have been. I got very ill and had to stay in hospital for a few days until I could get better which was a major shock to my system. I’m on the mend right now but it has come at a price where […]

Interview: GameDev Mojo‏

Hello world and welcome to one of two specials this month! This week we have Rob from Gamedev Mojo! Gamedev Mojo released their first game called Dream Terror which can be played by having the Unity Web Player installed on your PC! Be sure to check out the other games such as But why the […]

Interview: Timecop1983

My guest today is none other than Timecop1983! Timecop1983 has been working extremely hard and released two EP’s back to back! The new EP titled Journeys contains tracks such as Dreams (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix), City Lights and Lost again! Timecop1983 was kind enough to give up some free time, to do this interview!

Interview: Mogi Grumbles

This track here is just too relaxing! I mean I feel like I could just kick back and just … Chill! My guest today is none other than Mogi Grumbles! Wait what? Yes that is the name! Mogi has done re-scores of tracks such as Escape from New York inspired album, I heard you was […]