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Interview: Jordan Schor

Hello world and welcome to my first interview this year! Today we have up and coming producer who created this monster of a remix that you see above you! I am of course, speaking about Jordan Schor! Jordan was kind enough to give up some free time to do this interview! Advertisements

Congratulations to Bipolar Penguin Music!

Earlier today Bipolar Penguin Music hit the milestone of 1000 subscribers! This is a big achievement for the Music promoters having their YouTube channel reach this impressive number! Well done guys and glad to see you done it! If you like to know more about the channel, then check out the interview I did with […]

Interview: Mythic Creature Music

My guest today is none other than the mastermind behind Mythic Creature Music! He blew up the scene with tracks such as Sweet Dreams, Ruthless and the latest track, Scintillate (video above)! But who is this person? I was given the chance to give you this world exclusive interview to find out more!

Interview: Stellar Dreams

My guest today are none other than Stellar Dreams! The duo from Malaysia has created hits such as Point of no return, Mileage and Nightvoid feat. Dana Jean Phoenix(Video above)! Stellar Dreams was kind off to take some time out to do this interview!

Interview: Mr Happy Panda

My guest today is none other than Mr Happy Panda! His YouTube chanel brings a smile to people faces with fresh new talent! But why the name? And is he truly a Happy Panda? I sat down with the wise Panda to get those answers!

Interview: $autrn

My guest today is none other than $aturn! At the young age of 15 he’s already making waves with his tracks such as Enigma (video above), Rotten chains and Pentecostic! $autrn was kind enough to give up some free time to do this interview!

Interview: A Cerulean State

You feel them chills? So do I! My next guest is A Cerulean State who has created songs such as Maybe Tomorrow, Summer Crave and The waters of life (video above)! I had the opportunity to spend some time with him. to have this interview!

Interview: Oneira

My guest today is none other than Oneira! She’s also part of¬†Figureless! Her songs included Kite, Leave it and Good night (video above)! Oneira was kind enough to give up some free time to perform this interview!

Interview: Hyper EDM

My guest today is the man behind the YouTube channel, Hyper EDM! With over 500 subscribers, the channel is features some of the hottest up and coming artists! But what makes him Hyper and why pick that name? I sat down with the Hyperactive man to find out the answers!

Interview: Leopards love music

My guest today goes by the alias Leopards love music! She has created piano versions of track such as Blackmill’s Rain, Electus’s Here With You (ft. Annie Sunday) (video above) and even more impressive, Killigrew’s Coming Home. The lady herself gave up some free time to do this interview!