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Interview: Epictech

Note: The views expressed in this interview are those of the interviewee(s), and don’t represent the view and opinion of EpicTech, Think Office Direct, its parents or its affiliates. My special guest today is EpicTech! Who? Well EpicTech is a company who does video production, graphic designs and audio mixing to name a few things! […]

Interview: OVRJYD‏

My guest today is none other than OVRJYD! Living by the coastline has helped the producer create some outstanding remixes such as Jacoo – A World Of Peace, previous guest eXcess – Her and the latest remix, Koda – Staying (video above)! But why the name? And how many unfinished tracks does he have sitting […]

Interview: GameDev Mojo‏

Hello world and welcome to one of two specials this month! This week we have Rob from Gamedev Mojo! Gamedev Mojo released their first game called Dream Terror which can be played by having the Unity Web Player installed on your PC! Be sure to check out the other games such as But why the […]

Interview: LollieVox aka Laurie Webb

My guest today is none other than LollieVox! LollieVox has appeared on Lowself‘s track, Fall but also has her own original tracks such as Aren’t you Clever, Maybe we could and Stay baby. With a new EP scheduled for next month, the busy lady herself was kind enough to give up some free time, to […]

Interview: Monks of Mellonwah

My guest today are none other than Monks of Mellonwah! The band from Kenthurst, Australia debuted with their first album, Turn The People which was a 3 part album! Their latest track, Tear Your Hate Apart – Radio Remix is out now on Bandcamp! John from the band was kind enough to answer my questions!

Interview: Richard Caddock‏

My guest today is none other than, Richard Caddock‏! The multi talented artist was recently featured on the WRLD#’s track Orbit which was released on Monstercat! But that’s not all he’s done, the man himself is also a producer under the alias Daize! Richard was kind enough to give up some free time, to do […]

Interview: Testosteroso‏

Note: Interview will contain swearing and the lyrics in the song may offend people. Fair warning before you start having a go at me! But hey it’s rock and roll! Isn’t that what it’s mean to be about? My guest today are none other than Testosteroso‏! Yeah try saying that couple times fast! You may […]

Interview: Reel Splatter

Note: The videos included has been classed as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This interview will also contain swearing and minor spoilers for some videos. If there is one thing I miss, then I have to say it is films that make you think! Thankfully we have independent filmmakers who are coming out with some […]

Interview: Baron Von Brunk

My guest today is someone I admired for a long time now! He’s the creator of Legoformers but has also made other cool creations such as the Nintendo mosaic wall (see above) and also made some really awesome electric Lego devices! His name is Baron Von Brunk and this is how the interview between played […]