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Resonata : Forever isn’t for everyone. *My first impressions*

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Resonata was very kind to send me a preview of his new LP, Forever isn’t for everyone. Now you may remember our first interview and how much I raved on about the track Hit Rewind. The more I listened to the track, the more I cried. But the EP Full Circle, made it feel like a Journey through life itself. So how will this one make me feel? Let’s find out!

Note: How I’m going to do this is say how I feel with each track and say what I think. It could be wrong, it could be right. I’m going to be closing my eyes and picturing it.

Track 1: Grief demands an answer.

I’m feeling like i’m seeing a bright light in distance and it now shining too bright for me. Now I feel like it has gone and I’m lost in the massive field … I’m running trying to find an exit or someone as if I’m panicking. I’m out of it and on the main road in darkness. The ending has a powerful quote. Interesting!

Track 2: Morning Light (ft. Nori)

So now I feel like I’m on the road walking down it …. Looking for answers. Nori’s vocal start. Hmm now I’m feeling like remembering something. As if I’m getting flashbacks of something I did but only segments of it. So I’m thinking this is a time where I cheated on my partner and was caught. End result is me losing her because of my stupid actions and realizing what I done.  Which could go back to the quote used at the end of the 1st track! I’m getting more and more excited now!

Track 3: If these walls could speak

The rain has come with another powerful quote. The feeling … I’m feeling angry with myself and i’m beating myself about it. The anger has turned to disappointment in myself and asking was it worth doing all of that. Now I’m feeling what would be the right thing to do to earn her trust back. This track feels very moody, I wouldn’t say full on anger but feel like you can release your rage out and feel better. Hard for me to explain! Ouch now we have a stinging noise come in! Hmm this is bringing back the thoughts of aliens or maybe it is me waking up with someone making the noise.

Track 4: Resonata x Subsets – Yuletide (feat. Cartography)

Whoa …. Now this is creepy, the vocals are making me feel more uneasy. Like now I’m waking up … But in a different place, an abandoned town. I can feel eyes on me but don’t know which direction they are coming from. I’m on the run again, the uneasy feeling that I’m someone’s prey. I’m screaming out …. Asking what do you want? Now I feel sleepy again and have passed out.  This is a really creepy track …  But the chills down my spine … I can’t get over it! I love it!

Track 5: Limbo (feat. Satellite Empire)

Oh wow, first thing I’m thinking, i’m been dragged… This might explain what happened to me earlier. I feeling like i’m tied up and blindfolded and trying to break free. Somehow I broke free around the halfway mark and eager to know what is going on. I’m looking for an exit out of this building. I’m been chased again but this time I found a way out … I’ve jumped into the river and holding my breathe.

Track 6: Keep a candle lit

Another new place. This time I feel like I’m walking around in a dungeon, i’m holding a touch. Something is coming … A huge ball is rolling towards me and ready to crush me, I gotta somehow keep this light going and avoid been crushed. I’m hiding round the corner and my heart is beating fast.

Track 7: Pariah (feat. Madi Larson)

Oh dear … Now I feel even more scared, Siren has been sounded and I’m on the run again but Instead of running. I’m ready to fight whatever is that is after me. I’m looking at the person or creature dead in the eye now as if it is a staring contest. Although I can’t see it, we can see each others eyes. I’m walking towards it but it’s running away from me. Now I feel like I’m the attacker. I finally caught up to the person, it’s a scared woman

Track 8: Malign

In this one I guessing she is trying to explain to me what is going on, but the problem is I don’t understand her. As if she talking not with a foreign language but with sounds. In time I’m feeling like a radio, trying to tune in what language she is speaking.

Track 9: Prayr

Its raining hard again, but this is another flashback. Its the complete one but I’m seeing it through my partner’s eyes. She is coming home from work and she is devastated by the sight before her. She is seeing me on top of another woman in our living room. She runs out the house with me chasing after her. But she is hit by a car and I’m crying my eyes out. I feel like I killed her.

Track 10: Remnants Of A Time Long Gone

The feeling I get now is that, I am the Alien and I have been watching different events of time. As if the fragments around me show me different stories of each person. I have been watching and I have still much to lean. I’ll stay and watch from a safe distance and continue this way. In secret.


So that’s my view on how it felt to me, again everyone feelS different and I would like to hear your views in the comments below! The album is ready to drop on the 10th of September and will be available on iTunes!

Also the man himself will be having a stream event at this address so tune in! I’ll be there as well! Start time will be at 13:00 (PST)/(GMT-7) or 9PM for(GMT)!

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